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Ellen Lupton’s Lecture

I’m enrolled in AVT 301 so I’ve been required to attend a few other artist lectures so far this semester, and Ellen’s was the only one where I wasn’t checking the time to see if I could leave soon.  She was very entertaining!  I brought my boyfriend (a non-designer) with me and he thought she was great!  We were both laughing hysterically.  I loved the games she created but my favorite was the animation about the different ‘R’s that battle each other.  As a brand-new, just-stepped-through-the-door design student, I realized that Arial and Helvetica are not the same but I could not have explained to someone the exact differences.  As a newcomer to the design world,  I often feel very ignorant in some of my classes, including this one.  Perhaps I took my courses out of order which has prevented me from having the same level of knowledge that my classmates have.  However, at Ellen’s speech I felt like I understood what she was talking about and could sympathize with her feelings about bad design.  I think I could really see her point from both sides because it was not that long ago that I was guilty of some of the things she pointed out.  But most importantly I left the lecture with some new knowledge, a new insight, and some new motivation to become a good designer.