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Cool iPhone 4s… I mean iPhone 5!

Apple iPhone 5

It's an iPhone 4! It's an iPhone 4s! No, wait... it's an iPhone 5!


The iPhone 5 was recently released a few days ago, causing it’s normal uproar.

Do I think it’s cool?  Of course I do.

Does it impress me?  Well, I’ll simply say that things may have unravelled differently had Mr. Jobs had a hand in it.

I completely understand that there’s only so much you can do with a 1-button touch screen phone; however, Apple is synonymous with innovation!  For them to not release something that totally blows away it’s endless amount of customers seems… “off” to me.

Also, they are known for releasing 2 phones back to back with the second being the “s” version.  The iPhone 5 is not one of those phones, which I suppose fuels my curiosity, at least partly, as to why it looks physically very similar to it’s predecessor.

In all honesty, I do like the new iPhone 5.  It’s sleek and fast and has all the newest bells and whistles.  It most certainly beats out the competition too, in my opinion.  All that said, I still think that there could have just been more done overall with it to separate it from the rest of the iPhone family.  Who knows, maybe next years model will be able to do our homework for us!