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Android vs iPhone

Every time I hear about how i phone is a lot better than android i get frustrated because to me the way they were both design was that they both have the same kind of design feel to them. They are both portable, sleek, all touch based, and basically have the same functions. What these two types of phones I feel separate from each other is how the phone is design and made with the iphone to me I feel is call a fragile phone because every time i hold a iphone it looks so glassy and not only that they are so thin that i have a hard time keeping it in my had. They break so easy interms of screens or body because of that glassy look. With the android phone i feel it is simple in design they dont go overboard in how they design it. android phones are usually made from hard plastic that tome does not break easily than glass. Over all These two phone are basically the same but there are small things that separate them apart .

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