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As we go about life, we leave traces behind, unknowingly and unaware. As we walk long the beach shore, through a snow path into the wilderness, or touch the foggy window of a taxicab going about our daily routine, we are always leaving our traces behind everywhere we go. With the exception of those that are concern—such as leaving fingerprints—we will all always leave something behind. It’s unavoidable, inescapable; it’s part of our history. And that is where the inspiration was born to Jay Watson.

Jay Watson is an Australian-born designer that is making furniture that leaves any trace behind as it comes in contact with any touch. For instance, in Linger A Little Longer—picture below—Watson, uses thermo chromatic finish to a bench and desk, giving them the ability to respond to the heat of a human body. It is quite impressive to see the “watermarks” left behind, which seem to resemble those of an x-ray. (Derringer, 2011) However, after some time, the “watermarks” or traces created will vanish.


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