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Seahawks Uniforms

I have read multiple opinions of these Nike uniforms since they were first unveiled a couple of months ago. The response was mostly positive, but why?

As an NFL fan and a designer I saw these and was somewhat appalled. The navy blue and lime green color scheme is nothing new to the team and gives them a unique identity, but the execution falls a bit flat in my opinion. The grey mixed in just doesn’t seem to compliment the other colors well in my opinion and just looks out of place on the shoulder pad area. Throw in the randomly placed arrows on the pants and you have a bunch of design elements mixed together for seemingly no reason.

I was not a believer until I saw them in motion on Monday night football that is. Everything that didn’t make sense about them before were clear to me now. The green accents really popped on the dark navy and the arrows gave them a sense of speed. They held up strongly against the Packers beautiful, classic uniforms and had a futuristic feel to them in comparison. It took some getting used to, but the new modern look was just what that franchise needed.