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Artistic Direction – Creative Utopia?

CNN, Fox, BBC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, The Weather Channel.   They all have such pretty designs and graphics running on their screen and such aesthetically pleasing sets.  And the anchors are dressed so nicely and they compliment the backgrounds in which they are presenting so perfectly.  Notice how that orange desk matches the blue suit he is wearing?  Do the images on those 5 monitors in the background blend so well on accident?  No sir.  Was that plant or coffee cup put there on purpose?  You bet it was.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are the only artistic observer to notice how that anchor’s green eyes really compliment her red dress.    All of that was done intentially – well almost all of it anyway.

Set design, production design, and art direction is a serious business which has many great rewards.

First, it allows an artist to use almost an unlimited range of materials from traditional inks, paints, crayons, etc to sophisticated lighting instruments, furniture, building supplies, clothing, and computer design.  Creating a pleasing atmosphere for television or movies is just about the peak of creativity for an artist.  Being able to both create your own art as well as direct a group of creative individuals and entities to pull together a vision – especially if the vision is yours is – in my opinion, right-brain nirvana.  
Second, it pays very well. 

The best part is that these days, you no longer need to be in Hollywood or New York to get to that state of artistic career utopia.  With AV companies and media organizations located virtually everywhere, anyone can apply, and likely land, at least an entry-level position in the field.   

That’s it. I have no real closing for this post.  I would simply say that if you want an outlet for your creative mind, check out set design at your local media organization.  

(I would also point out that if you want to keep your soul in good standing, it’s probably best to stay away from Fox or Disney…just this author’s opinion)

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