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Entertaining and Informative speech by Ellen Lupton

I found Ellen Lupton foreboding at first. but only because our 311 teacher had surprised us with a visit from a famous graphic designer that was going to critique our work. Although when i meet her she was nice and knew her stuff when it came to graphics. She went over every students work and knew the parts that where weak just by looking at the piece and the way it looked. This ability to immediately identify design flows pointed at her design knowledge. So i was looking forward to her presentation to teacher me some things about graphic design or what not. I did not expect her presentation, she was loud, to the point, funny, and full of life which she put into her obvious love of design. Her speech helped be see how a graphic designer sees the world, as a challenge where design can improve on everything and how it is our job as designers to do. After the lecture i read her short book. It was a clear easy read that was informative, a lot like her lecture. My favorite parts of the lecture was when she talked about her DIY (DO it yourself) project where the reader no matter if they are a designer of not can create good designs by themselves. I really like her kid version because it is giving our next generation the gift of design at an early age so that good design can become a more popular language in the future.

Overall the greatest thing i think that Ellen did during her presentation was complaining about people with the rolling luggage. If i became popular and had the ability to draw large crowds i think it would be important to express what you hate about the world and what people show pay more attention too because if you have the power to open peoples eyes, use it.