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Spray-painting to the Next Level

While browsing around cool new street art, I came across this page that records most of the street art in Berlin and other European countries. In this page I found an interesting spray artist that took spray-painting to another level. If you happen to walk through this sidewalk, you will not help but notice a portrait of the face of a man, right as you pass by. This is one is no ordinary 2D spray-painting on a wall, but it was cleverly placed on what seems to be a metal fence of some sort. This was skillfully placed at an angle to be viewed by pass-byers. However, if you look at it from other angles, you wouldn’t even tell there’s any painting on the fence. That is the only setback to the painting. I wonder how it was made. I seems like it was done as a whole and later glued to the fence at a specific angle. However it was made, it seems quite challenging. Since its street art, no one will ever know who created it. But whoever it was, was a genius.

berln graffiti 3 Puzzling street art from Berlin

httpberln graffiti 2 Puzzling street art from Berlin