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Magazine/website combos

As per our discussion in the last class, I’ve been thinking a lot about magazines vs. websites. Particularly if there is a middle ground where the good qualities about a magazine and the good qualities about a website are properly combined. Its in my own belief that there is no one site that exhibits all the qualities properly but there’s definitely a few that shine through.

I would also like to note that the website I am going to list are ones that I visit; there are definitely more out there that probably are better examples and if you know them, please do not keep it to yourself. I would love to see some more examples on here.

One thing that we discussed was the disconnect between images and text. Like with news articles, the pictures are usually placed within one section of the article and the rest is the article itself. The website has been good for a laugh here, there, and everywhere but I started to actually analyze it a bit deeper than the surface. The design of many of the their articles follows that of a magazine. True, normally a full spread or multiple columns do not appear often, but the flow of the pieces and layout of pictures allow for a lot of information to be conveyed and the images to compliment the article fully. Since updates everyday, the front page article is always fresh along with the weekly regular pieces. For those unfamiliar with it,‘s slogan is “The internet makes you stupid” and for just reasons. Most of the articles are about crazy people online or in general, and articles usually written in satire. Today’s article about political web-blogs is a prime example of their pseudo-magazine design.

Another website that shows this odd combination of magazine-webdesign is the Escapist Magazine’s website, a video gaming magazine. They take an even deeper dive into turning a website into an almost magazine piece. The use of artwork and articles is place into a more repeatable format but not to the point where it is overused or stale. One of their articles today focuses on mistakes and personal experience gained from them (follow link to here) . One thing to note especially is the creative use of pull-quotes to break up the article a bit. On each piece, the pull-quotes are treated a little differently so be sure to read the other articles as well.

These are just a couple examples I could come up with off the top of my head. Please add more within a comment or e-mail if you can provide more.