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As if the campaign posters, commercials, and door-to-door knocking aren’t enough, how about a car with Obama’s face plastered on it?! I’m not into politics at all, but I came across this picture a friend had posted recently. I thought the car was awesome and the graphics look really cool with the chrome of the car. It even says #ObamasCar, as if it knows how to network. (I don’t have twitter, so maybe someone else can pull it up and see what the deal is with the car) Is this going too far as a supporter, though? Apparently the guy lives in Virginia, which is a state Obama needs to win. Does this car help him out in any way? Also, is it even possible to chrome a whole car? Clearly this supporter went above and beyond; there is no way this was cheap.

What happens if Obama isn’t elected? Would you still drive it?? It definitely makes a statement. When he drives through DC, pedestrians stop in the middle of the crosswalk to take pictures. Personally, I don’t sway one way or the other in politics, I try to stay away because I think its all lies and bullshit, but I’d probably drive this if given the chance.