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Web design or not?

When I look around for graphic design jobs, one of the requirements I sometimes see is web design. I know AVT 217, the web design class, is strongly recommended for graphic designers, but is there any way around this? Personally, I hate web design and coding. I’ve taken programming classes and just never got into them. I’ve taken so many classes I ended up hating and at this point in my college career, I’d rather do something I truly enjoy and not be miserable. Once I receive my degree, I’d like to get into the print side of graphic design. I would really like to design brochures, invitations, posters, etc and stay away from websites at all costs. By not taking this class and staying away from web design entirely, am I limiting myself? Or can I still be a successful graphic designer? What do you all think? Should I suck it up and take the class, or continue with the things I enjoy?