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Entries Close on Monday!


I was scrolling through my design newsfeed and found this pretty awesome opportunity. If you have heard of HOW Design, then you may be way ahead of us (me). HOW Design seems to be an amazing website for everything design. When visiting the page for the first time a few hours ago, what really caught my attention was HOW Design Live 2018.  This is an annual conference with top creative professionals offering life long worthy opportunities. There is a contest with the chance to win a ticket to this gathering and gain big exposure for your work. HOW Design shared an article with the top 10 reasons to enter:

All Winners Get Published. (last year they had 101)
High Quality Publishing. 
Best of Show Gets a 2-Page Story.
Wins Ticket to How Design Live & a Trophy. (ooh fancy)
Everyone Has a Shot.
Your First Ever Entry Could Land You a Win.
You Could See Your Work All Over.
You Get Expert Eyes on Your Work.
There’s a Perfect Category for You.
Past Winners Are Loving It.

Pretty interesting right? Check out the categories, such a wide range:

Client Promotions
Designer Self-Promotions
Personal Promotions
Pro-bono Promotions
Illustrator Promotions
Photographer Promotions
Student Promotions
Miscellaneous Promotions

A McDonald’s Anime?

At one point or another we’ve all seen a McDonalds ad on TV. We’ve see all the variations of them too. A couple friends looking for a place to hang out and eat, the staff providing good friendly customer service, or the mascot Ronald promoting happy meals. Roughly the same ads can be seen around the world as well. In Japan, they’ve taken it to new level. For one of their ads, they’ve designed it to play out as an anime, one of Japans chief media productions. To some this might not seem like a big deal, but I just thought it was real refreshing approach to their ad campaign. The ad took a different approach to presenting the famous fast food franchise, and it worked. In my opinion it worked because they used a new style to present themselves, while still being respectful to what that “anime” style is used for. It showed a common story in most anime shows but was able to make it its own by using the McDonalds environment, so “good job” McDonalds.

I Got, I Got, I Got

I’ve got to review Kendrick Lamar’s new album’s art work.

Generally Kendrick likes to keep things simple with his album art work but in ‘Damn.’ He takes it to a whole other level. He is an artist, so all his choices are planned and very intentional. The fact that the period at the end of damn just merges into the red bar on the side makes me uncomfortable. On the inside there are columns of centered text with the details of the producers and then these bars flipped onto their side with the mixing details. He sadly did not include song lyrics, he certainly had the space. Most pages had only two songs with the exception of the first page which had both the intro and DNA’s details on it. The back cover of the album had the song list at an angle. Maybe these choices were made to induce a kind of discomfort. I actually do like the way the tracks details were displayed on the inside though. This album is definitely a masterpiece musically but I’m not sure about how I feel about the aesthetics. I have to assume that Kendrick had some greater Idea that I just don’t get.

Marvel, You Could Have Done Better

Come on Marvel! You can do better than that! The third installment of Thor’s movie poster, Thor: Ragnarol is lacking of creativity. The previous Thor’s movie poster were filled with grays and washed out shades of blue and sharp bright red that said a little story the poster. Where as the new poster had washed of saturated yellow and green and an old space 80’s typeface—a totally shift in the vibe of the previous designs with just Thor’s back to us. The designers could have just done it to go with the movie trailer or it’s starting to become a trend to use retro typefaces, such as its Marvel’s other movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. I have to admit, Thor’s Ragnarok poster has got to be the weakest movie teaser art that have released. There isn’t any originality. The whole warrior vibe that we have seen before in the Gladiator’s poster, the font looks like it was pulled from Word Document, and having the whole 80’s movie poster vibe similar to Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is just stale.

How much does one charge?

As a college design student, I’m still a novice compared to other designers, maybe even lower. Not bringing myself down here, just being honest. I have no problem with that, I’m always seeking to better myself. Anyway, whenever I’m put in a situation where someone wants to pay me to do a project for them – a poster, photography, website, etc. – I always under charge. Extremely. I told my dad I did a wedding shoot for $100 and he said I was insane for going so low. And not to sound cocky but my photography is pretty damn good. When I told my dad how much I’d charge as a professional designer to create a website ($2000), he said I was insane yet again. He said you’d have to charge 10 times that. But that seems so much. I mean, obviously I’d love to charge that much, but I’d rather give more quality of work over quantity of money. I feel like that way I’d have a good reputation. If I charged that much for my web design skills right now, they’d receive far less quality work in exchange for that money.

Join A Collective!

Being apart of the art school at George Mason has taught me that networking is the number one key to moving forward in life. Being apart of organizations like AIGA and participating in different collectives have been beneficial for many reasons. It has allowed me to create and be apart of a brand, publish my artwork, and brainstorm with my colleagues. Any type of collective or group forms a strong support that can last beyond graduation. For example, in my printmaking class we started an organization called TEN09. This is a group of printmakers, zinesters, graphic designers, and anyone interested in being apart of a print environment. Ten09 exists as a brand that can be recognized by other artists and designers to engage with students at GMU. Some design organizations and publications other than AIGA are Girls Who Code, Women Who Code, and Design Observer. These are all platforms where people share their thoughts and ideas with each other. 

Why Logos benefit Businesses




Business advertising is huge. One of the first things that businesses want to establish with their customers is trust. If a customer visiting a website of a business whether it is a big corporation or not, will see the logo that they use and associate it with the company, seeing if the consumer can trust the company or not. If the company deals with the customer without making the buying process difficult or unethical, then the company will then create a trusting relationship with the customer. Most likely this will result in the customer coming back to the company to buy more of its products as well as possibly even telling their friends and family about them, giving the company more publicity. If a company builds strong and trusting logos for the public and its targeted customers, then this creates a corporate identity that the customers and the public will start to trust, which will then in most cases cause more revenue to flow into the company. If companies have a trusting logo, then people will build trust with them and will associate that logo with the company, resulting in a good reputation of the company as well as bringing in more income for the company.



How Cereal Boxes are Designed

Cereal box design is stunning. At first glance, this may seem like a ridiculous statement, because how can a product as simple as a box of cereal be a topic of discussion on this blog? There may be more to this topic than most may assume. Cereal box advertisers use psychological methods to sell their products. For instance, mascots that are used on the front of cereal boxes, such as Honey the Frog shown above, are intended to make eye contact with the consumer, to create brand trust. Studies have shown that if the mascot or any other representative that is shown on the cereal box is staring one straight in the eye, then the customers trust this brand, because we are trained to believe that when someone looks us in the eye, it indicates sincerity.  This strategy on the sellers part works very well, because when consumers see that friendly-looking cartoon character staring at them sincerely, they want to buy the product for their kids.


Is that Tupac on Stage?

Holograms, the ultimate reality for any science fiction fan. We’ve all seen them in one way or another, Star Wars, Back to the Future, and Star Trek. Is it possible though? One day will we finally be able to have holographic calls with one another and be eaten by a holographic ad for Jaws 19? Probably not, at least not anytime soon. It’s not impossible, just impractical. Some scientists have in fact created a way for someone to give a full “holographic” lecture, and appear as if they’re there to the audience. The problem is one, the audience is wearing special glasses to make it appear 3D, and two, the person giving the lecture is being filmed with over 16 cameras, each at a different perspective point. It’s just not as practical as giving a lecture on a flat screen with one camera and no special glasses required. Maybe in the future we will crack the code to access true holographic technology, but for now all we have is surprise cameos of late artists in concerts.

Printable Pills

When 3D printing first came to my attention it’s use in the real world was quite limited. It was a really cool concept but what it could make was limited to small toys, tiny replicas of items, and shapes. That’s cool, sure, but what else can it do? Is this just a small time fad like 3D movies? Nope. As technology advanced, the design schematics people would create for 3D printers became more and more detailed. So much so that what a 3D printer can do now is unbelievable. You can create prosthetic limbs, medical tools, maybe even drugs. Recently, researchers are working on applying the 3D printer to have the capability of printing medical drugs at home. Obviously there are some complications with this currently such as maybe your printer glitches out and creates the wrong drug, or you hack the printer and can suddenly start your own pharmacy at home. I’m not saying its perfect, all I’m saying is 3D printing isn’t a fad anymore, and for all we know, in the future we can print most of what we need right at home.