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Animoji Yourself with the iPhone X

Among all the emoji apps coming out these days, the latest Apple update on the iPhone X has to be the best one yet! With “Animoji” you can now send animated and talking emojis to your friends on iMessage. What’s especially cool about these emojis is that they’re animated emojis of yourself! Your facial expressions are transferred into a character of your choice.

Animoji is fairly simple to use – you open the iMessage app and then click on the animoji app icon. (If it’s not there, you can download it for free from the app store.) Once you open the app, all you have to do is record yourself. It’s more fun when you’re being silly or sarcastic, so do things like stick out your tongue, blink repeatedly several times, or raise your eyebrows as high as possible. When you’re done recording, you can either send your animoji by text, or you can change the character into something else you’re pleased with.

Unfortunately, this feature is only available to iPhone X owners, but hopefully other apps will offer something similar for other versions of iPhone.

What Makes a Great Graphic Designer?

Most people think graphic designers need years and years of experience to be great. Experience is important, but I believe the desire to self-educate is among the most important skills a great graphic designer should have and use. This willingness to learn, no matter the amount of experience in the field, is something that is encouraging to future employers and clients. It really shows an reassuring promise of humbleness.

There are many reasons why this is respected in the graphic design community. The willingness to learn shows your art director, your clients, and your colleagues that even though you have experience, you are always looking for new ways to channel your skill-sets. As a graphic designer, you already know that being a self-starter is very important. A strong drive to learn (through YouTube videos, reading, etc.) day in and day out will just make you a better graphic designer.

The Power Of Designed By Apple In California

Die-hard Apple fans perceive Apple more than just a tech company, to them Apple is a trendsetter in a way. Many tech companies out there hates the America’s first trillion-dollar company, but at the same time, these companies desperately to become like Apple. Every-time when Apple drops a new device, people will criticize how ugly the new design is, or how un-user friendly it is, but a few months later almost all the tech companies started to copy the new design language.

When the new iPhone X came last year, the new design language been criticized so much, many tech companies were laughing at Apple for having the ugly notch on the phone, but with the blinking of eyes, they are starting to copy this new design in order to stay competitive in the smartphone market.
Saying Apple is a trendsetter in the technology world is not exaggerated, almost every-time Apple launch new products other companies have to follow/copy the latest design language in order to stay in business. It is hard to imagine what the technology world would be today without Apple, would we have the touchscreen on the smartphone? Are we still going to deal with the cheap plastic laptop? Even though the latest designs by Apple have been criticized harshly, but people and tech companies still could not resist to copy. Designed by Apple in California just have the unexplainable magic to suck people in.

Subtle Breast Pumps

A technology company called Elvie, recently launched a new type of breast pump. The new pumps are cordless, silent, and extremely portable. While traditionally pumps are bulky and comes with many separate parts, this new pump is a single unit and easily fits inside a woman’s bra. Because it is so compact and take up little room in a bag, women  can bring it with them everywhere without having eyes on them at all times.

Breastfeeding women are known to have society shame and embarrass them while breastfeeding or pumping in public. However, that should not be the case, breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful thing. It should not be anybody’s business when and where a woman feeds their baby.

The society as a whole should change the way they look at breastfeeding/breast pumping women. Meanwhile this new breast pump design will allow women to not feel so pressured by others and provide food for their baby in peace. 

Hungry? Design for Dinner!

The restaurant Sketch launched it is the new way of engaging visitors. Their new website allows visitors to book and designs their food. The website is a new way for Sketch to communicate with their visitors and make visitors have a delightful time browsing their website. The restaurant has different rooms that each has its theme, therefore, based on which room visitors want to book in, the website has different booking systems. Whether, playing a game, playing with 3D design or design your own dinner. Each visitor can create their 3D design for booking, where they can add details about their booking, like date, time, and the number of the party.

            Technology and design merging together to engage people in their daily lives, making services more entertaining and easier for people. Although technology can be seen as a negative impact on humanity, it can be beneficial if used in an advantageous way. The technique to connect people and communicate with them is by making designs more appealing.

Ugly Fashion

Breaking news! In the world of fashion, there is always something new, but this trend might not be one that you want to follow. Recently, everyone is hopping on the ugly bandwagon. Ugly? Yes, ugly, you heard me right. Many designers including Yeezy, Off-White, Venements, Balenciaga, and Rick Owens are releasing ugly fashion pieces. This might seem weird to many, but people are actually buying into this. These legendary designers are coming out with ugly shoes, ugly glasses, pretty much everything ugly.

Why spend money on something ugly? I think that this is just a marketing ploy to gain attention. When a designer does something crazy or avant garde, people always buy into it. Consumers want something noticeable, they want to be different from the crowd, they want to be trend setters. Fashion is a way for people to express themselves, but it is also a way for people to show off their status. They sure will be noticable when they wear the Balenciaga’s collaboration with Crocs.

Book Design


For me, I love to see and read books that have nice covers. If the cover isn’t interesting, it’s hard to pull me in to read the book. A design of a book cover should be thought-out and planned on because it’s the first thing a reader is going to see when they lay eyes on a book. A good cover grabs the audience attention to at least pick up the book and read the first page to find out whether on not they would read it. Sometimes

I also find myself liking a book because of its texture or its size. I normally go for books with hard covers and a smooth feel to it. Books that are a few inches bigger than your hand are also convenient for on the go. You can easily take it anywhere with you to read on a plane, train, or even out on a nice day at the park.

Finding inspiration through cultures

Everyone has a different way of thinking, especially amongst different cultures. Every culture has different traditions and values they hold and have been exposed to different lifestyles which varies from person to person. Personally, growing up as a Korean-American was challenging, however, it has taught me to embrace and appreciate both cultures. Through those experiences, I find inspiration; not only in my daily life, but also in my design growth.

There are many Korean designers who influence my work, but one is Na Kim. She is a graphic designer based in Amsterdam. A big part of her work comes from personal research. She experiments on several ideas, such as overturning a designers’ role, tension in hierarchy of form and content. She created a series of design magazines called Umool Umool, which is strictly experimental. Her style of work is very playful, using a lot of vibrant colors and shapes. I find it interesting to hear her thought-process behind her work in her interviews, which helps me approach my designs in a newer perspective.


Arne Jacobsen and Minimalism

The designer, Arne Jacobsen has successfully remained timeless in the many forms of design he practiced. This included his interior design, textile design, architecture, as well as his graphic design. One of his most affordable designs is his typography. The typography is sold on coffee mugs, stationary, and posters. Jacobsen’s typography is unique and has become a decorative element. It remains simple with sharp points that attract the viewer.

While Jacobsen’s work may seem contemporary he in fact worked during the 20th century around the time of World War II. His designs implemented the style of architectural functionalism.

It is interesting to see how some designers’ works have lasted through the years and have grown in worth. Jacobsen is no acceptation to this. He demonstrates minimalistic design which is what gained him his success. The work in which Jacobsen has made shows how its function is key to the design which reflects the time in which he designed. Yet, Jacobsen has successfully broken the barrier of remaining in the past and has continued to be an icon in the present.


Waterproof Chucks?

I am a Chuck Taylor fan for life! Although I don’t wear them nearly as much as I use to, but just know that I will always have one in my possession. The current one I own I have had for a little over six years. It looks just like you imagine a 6-year-old Chuck Taylor would look.

For whatever reason someone decided that we needed waterproof Chucks. Why? Was there an overwhelming number of complaints from consumers about the non-waterproof quality of Chucks?

As you can tell I am not a fan of the idea to make Chucks waterproof. Too late, they are already out there! Whenever I think of waterproof converse I think— clogs in the shape of Chuck Taylors. 

This completely changes the charm and the very reason people fall in love with Chucks in my opinion. Brand new chucks are great, weathered Chucks look even better.

To make Chucks waterproof, you have to change the material, you change the material, you change the brand.