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Soulja Boy Cranked Copyright Infringement

I think it is safe to say we have all Crank That in our lives at least once or twice. Soulja Boy comes into the spotlight in 2019 under the circumstances the rapper may be facing criminal charges from Nintendo. In 2018, Soulja Boy released a game console, SouljaGame, that closely resembles the design of […]

When in New York…

As an AVT major at Mason you are required to attend ArtsBus trips up to New York City to gain the experience of going to one of the most artistically diverse and enriching cities in the US. When in the city, most students go to one of the well known museums: The Met, MoMA, or […]

Pulp, Ink And Hops

Last Thursday, Baltimore Print Studios held the “13th Annual Pulp, Ink and Hops” event. It is the largest paper show in the region where you can meet distinguished graphic designers, design firms, paper vendors, and fellow graphic design students. I went to the show with old friends and enjoyed all the free food, beer, and paper. […]