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Motion Design: It’s Alive!

Good visual design requires consideration: clear visuals, a good color scheme, compositional balance, and all kinds of other details that bring the whole piece together. For posters, pamphlets, and other printed designs, you only need to worry about 2D design elements, but when it comes to Web Design, you can’t stop there. (I mean, you […]

Stranger Things: Iconic Design

Stranger Things, a Netflix original series, has been sweeping the nation. The series is not just a thrilling, 80’s inspired science fiction…The show also has a fantastic opening mark. Stranger Things has a brilliant animated, red neon logo. This visual identity for the thriller was actually inspired by Stephen King’s famous book covers. During the creation […]

The Turntable Experience

Don’t you just love it when a favorite artist of yours creates something that really speaks to you? I think everyone has at least one movie or song or print that sticks with them and makes them feel more connected to the artists they admire. For me, my 2016 obsession has been my favorite band […]