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Brand Identity: Keep It Consistent!

Identities are tricky. For people, our identities are made up of our appearances, our actions, and our thoughts, but every person is fluid: we can change our appearance, widen our views, and even do things we normally wouldn’t simply because we suddenly, in that moment, felt like it.  Brand identities work in a similar way. […]

Why Target Carts Don’t Suck

Ever given one of those babies a whirl? Target carts are the definition of mobility, efficiency, and speed. In 2011, Target rolled out with a new cart design that enhanced the shopping experience. The new target cart was designed by Boston-based design firm, Continuum. Retiring their metal carts, the new cart weighs about 15–20 lbs. […]

Creating A Strong Brand Identity for Food

As we further ourselves into the realm of design, do you ever catch yourself admiring something so ordinary with an elegant design? The food industry has always been a striving business and has always paired well with design. However, small shop restaurants are picking up the pace and surpassing big names brands with their creative […]