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Lost Whiskey, Found Design

Lost Whiskey Club from is my current favorite whiskey, not only for the smooth mouthfeel and surprising sweetness, but for the packaging. The Lost Whiskey Club bottle is tall and skinny, unlike most whiskey bottles, automatically setting it apart by shape alone. The label on the front of the bottle is a cream shade with […]

Overpriced Design: It’s All in the Band’s Name

You just discovered your favorite band is touring and they are playing a gig near you, so you buy tickets frantically. Then you see they also sell apparel, but everything is overpriced even down to the beanies. The designs of band merchandise are either complicated or they just have a standard font stamped on the […]

Creating A Strong Brand Identity for Food

As we further ourselves into the realm of design, do you ever catch yourself admiring something so ordinary with an elegant design? The food industry has always been a striving business and has always paired well with design. However, small shop restaurants are picking up the pace and surpassing big names brands with their creative […]

The Doodling Designer

Do you want to know a designer that evokes pure fun in every design he creates? Look no further than the popular Timothy Goodman. In one space, he has an incredible gift of putting text and clustered cartoon designs together effectively in every work he makes. While both the objects and words are confined in […]

INCA Brand Identity

Fieras Estudio and Jorge Luis Campozano recently created a brand identity and packaging design for INCA, a tea brand. The designs for this brand are inspired by the divine figures Pachamama, Inti, and Viracocha from the Inca culture and religion. These figures were paired with specific flavors that complement what the deities represent and stand […]

Three Questions to Ask before Rebranding: NSU As a Case Study

This summer, I got to attend a conference session at Norfolk State University in which an NSU marketing team shared the rebranding process they underwent last year. The university went from an outdated logo to a well-thought-out visual identity. The NSU rebranding team shared a few key questions they asked themselves to ensure the final […]

Dropbox Update was Made for Designers

As a graphic designer and a student, I can appreciate the branding update to the file sharing and storage website, Dropbox. The overhaul went into effect October of 2017 and included an updated logo, typeface, color palette, and visual design for the website. The company’s design release page focuses a lot on the idea of […]

The Importance of Design When “Yes” Isn’t Enough

If I asked you to name the best examples of strong branding, I’m sure the first place your mind goes to isn’t college acceptance packets. Interestingly enough, however, if you take a look back at your acceptance packets, a lot of them will have really strong visual and verbal identities. Why is this? Shouldn’t a […]

How to Inspire Anarchy with Logo Design

In 1970s, in Great Britain, young artists and musicians worked together to spark a political movement of anarchy. One example of such a relationship is the punk band Crass and graphic designer David King. While the rebellious musical style of Crass inspired chaos, the band members of Crass—Steve Ignorant, Penny Rimbaud, Eve Libertine, and Joy […]

The Pure Genius of Apple Branding

For an ad to be effective, it just needs 10 seconds. Five seconds to hook a viewer’s attention, and five seconds to read the ad. If the ad fails to do that, it just becomes background noise for the viewer. On a daily basis, the average person sees over 65,000 ads a day. The ads that get […]