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The Art of Fake Design

What’s the sneakiest, most successful kind of design? The kind you don’t even think about. The kind you simply accept, even when the reality before you fits in a box. That is the beauty of design, that is, its beauty lies in its ability to be invisible; to slip through the cracks of our subconscious […]

Sketching Tips and Tricks!

Everyone has to get their ideas out of their head, and onto paper. Sketching is a core part of designing. It is the exploration of ideas and the construction of new forms. It is also a form of communication, which is often overlooked. Most oftentimes sketching is used very personally, to scribbly translate our ideas […]

Bring Back the Fun!

Minimalism; straight, perfect lines and geometry; flat, bold colors with no sketchiness to be found. These are the attributes we assign to high-end design. Design that evokes prestige, class, and a coolness like marble. Design that transports you into The Devil Wears Prada universe where you’ll either soar or get stamped under a thin, stiletto […]

Effective Book Design

What makes a successful book cover? While many people deny reading a book because they like the front of it, the design and title of the cover is what is supposed to draw you in first. One book design continues to stand out to the public constantly even though the novel was released in 2017. […]

What Sets YOU Apart?

The professional world: a vision of men and women in suits, brows furrowed and backs straightened, all seated at a round table, like the knights of King Arthur. They do not have time for silliness; creativity without necessity. They require only the best, the most efficient. Their resumes and portfolios are clean, white, and luminescent […]

Overpriced Design: It’s All in the Band’s Name

You just discovered your favorite band is touring and they are playing a gig near you, so you buy tickets frantically. Then you see they also sell apparel, but everything is overpriced even down to the beanies. The designs of band merchandise are either complicated or they just have a standard font stamped on the […]

Conquering Networking

Networking may seem scary to all us, especially if you are new to the game. It can be awkward, tricky, and confusing­, but learning how to network is a lifelong skill everyone in the working world uses and is a powerful tool when used appropriately. First things first, have the right attitude. Be excited and […]

Around the World with Lang Calendars

Are you tired of your cat calendar? Every month it’s the same, either a tabby or Siamese cat is the focal point with a garden in background. What if every month you could experience a new part of the world from your own home? Imagine that you flip from February to March after seeing a […]

Creating A Strong Brand Identity for Food

As we further ourselves into the realm of design, do you ever catch yourself admiring something so ordinary with an elegant design? The food industry has always been a striving business and has always paired well with design. However, small shop restaurants are picking up the pace and surpassing big names brands with their creative […]

Ditch the Planner

It’s time to ditch the planner and start using MyStudyLife. MyStudyLife goes beyond a paper planner and is a must have for all students. Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars, this app allows users to enter assignments, reminders, class schedules, and it notifies the user ahead of time when assignments are due. This free app […]