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Sheets of Holding

Dungeons & Dragonshas had a dramatic resurge since Wizards of the Coast released of its newest edition of rules in 2014. The phenomenon has been attributed to many things — such as the reclaiming of “geek culture” through the popularity of Marvel movies and shows like The Big Bang Theory, actual-play programs like The Adventure […]

Roll for Feelings

Tabletop roleplaying games (or RPGs) have a reputation for being confusing and taking forever to set up and play. Dungeons & Dragons, for instance, has long play sessions and even longer over-arching games — some have even been playing their same game for literal decades. RPGs are a great creative outlet, but the daunting legacy […]

DM, Design Master

Happy International TableTop Day everyone! And what better time than now to bring D&D back to my design talks? One of my most recent role models has been Matthew Mercer, voice actor and Dungeon Master for Critical Role, as well as a DM god in general. Often when I’m watching the show, I’m thinking, “What […]

Adventuring Takes a Party

I’m going to sound like a hypocrite. Previously, I’ve talked about how designers should be jacks of all trades. Well, now I’m going to talk about depending on other people. In D&D you rarely have an adventuring party of one. Why? Because they wouldn’t last long. It’s impossible to cover all the skills needed to […]

Charisma Casting

Do you know what the most important ability score is for a D&D bard? If you couldn’t tell from the title, it’s charisma. Since designers are akin to bards, charisma is an important skill for them as well. Of course, with having to deal so much with visual communication, it seems like an obvious skill […]

Jack of All Trades: Add Half Your Proficiency Bonus

Jack of all trades. Not only is it a feature of the Dungeons and Dragons Bard class, it’s also a phrase I hear when people talk about what’s expected from designers. Thus, I’ve started to think of designers as bards. While we may not cast magic through song, we should try to be “jacks of […]