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The Iconography of Safety Pins in Punk Fashion and Album Art

The iconic aesthetic of punk fashion is shirts, jeans, and other apparel items that are ripped on purpose, and held together by safety pins.  The Sex Pistols were trendsetters for punk fashion. According to fashion historian Bonnie English “the Sex Pistols helped to put punk rock into the popular media with their loud anti-music and […]

Alexander McQueen pt. 2

This video was created as a tribute to Alexander McQueen and his brilliant use of imagination in a different kind of design. His mastery of shape, color, and texture showcased a brilliance and incredible creativity that is always inspiring. The video echoes McQueens sense of exploration and creativity as well. Check it out! Tribute to […]

Alexander McQueen pt. 1

Lee Alexander McQueen’s creativity and genius can’t be denied. As a designer (fashion design instead of graphic design, but still design) he pushed the envelope in creating incredibly thoughtful and thought-provoking work. His shows themselves exuded cultural commentary and artistic sensibilities that are incredibly inspiring. I think it is amazing that someone can take the […]