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Let’s Talk about Packaging

On my most recent trip to 7-eleven, all I needed was a bottle of water. I happen to be one of those snobby people who thinks they can taste different types of water so I almost always opt for Deer Park. This time there was a new bottle on the shelf, LIFE WTR. These bottles […]

15 “Most Creative” Food Packaging Designs

It’s time to take a break and get a good chuckle out the 15 “most creative” food packaging designs ( I do not believe these are the MOST creative packaging, or even come close, since most of these “creative” ideas make you chuckle:  the tea bangs hanging on mini hangers (which is darling) and bread buns […]

Is Creativity in the Work Place Necessary?

So you have a new project and you need to get those creativity juices going, but you’re stumped on ideas. Read NPR’s article “How Creativity Works’: It’s All In Your Imagination“. It’s an interview with Jonah Lehrer about his book “Imagine: How Creativity Works.”  Lehrer argues that creativity, whether you’re “writing a Shakespearean tragedy, or trying […]