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Commitment is Crucial

How many times have you given up on a project because everything you tried is not panning out? You end up getting frustrated because your results are lacking, or you have no inspiration to begin with. Eventually the irritation leads to self-doubt which turns into you not committing to work anymore. You could learn something […]

Effortless Design? There’s No Such Thing

When I first saw Ray Collins’ photographs of ocean waves, I was stunned. The presence of the water is almost palpable, rushing and thundering down yet glimmering like colored glass. But as beautiful as these final works are, we only get to see Collins’ best photos. A subject as ephemeral as the sea is hard to […]


How many of you guys share your creative content on social media? I’m sure a good portion of you do, which is great. Social media allows us to have the perfect platform on which to display key pieces we’ve made and allow people to get a feel for our design presence. Unfortunately, one of the […]