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Miami Beach PD Spring Break Campaign

The Miami Beach Police have been in the midst of a major spring break crackdown this year, due to complaints from residents and an overwhelming amount of crime. While most of the tactics to deal with Spring Break 2019 started after an emergency Miami Beach Police meeting on March nineteenth, one tactic was rolled out […]

Refreshing Movie Advertisement Found in Vice

Falling into the Star Wars Trap

Spider-Man: Homecoming. For a movie so good, how could Sony have released a poster so bad? In the words of one angry Twitter user, it looks like Sony “let a first-year design student use Photoshop Elements” to create the official one sheet. Ouch. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the poster […]

Are You Voting?

My mom and I find ourselves talking about the upcoming presidential election almost every time we see each other. She and I have always had the same view on politics, so you can probably assume there isn’t much argument between the two of us; we tend to feed off of each other’s inputs. About a […]

Typefaces of the World

This poster was designed as an info graphic explaining the origin of many typefaces. Its combination of complex information with visual appeal make it easy to digest a lot of information very quickly. It works effectively as a poster as well as an informational piece. I find this balance between being visually appealing and interesting […]

Poster Boy… Graffiti artist or Graphic Designer?

How far can we go to translate an artwork as a graphic design piece, rather than as fine art? In the subways of New York City, a graffitist known as Poster Boy has recently been dismantling the posters and advertisements that litter the walls of the subway. Unlike other graffitists, Poster boy does not create […]