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Italian Product Design: Moka

Founded in 1921, Alessi is Italian design mainstay. Alessi has taken the iconic stove-top espresso maker, often called a moka, and creatively designed and redesigned it to perfection. Alessi plays to a multitude of aesthetic tastes, currently producing fourteen different models of stove-top coffee makers. Many Alessi espresso maker designs are inspired by architecture, like […]

Why Target Carts Don’t Suck

Ever given one of those babies a whirl? Target carts are the definition of mobility, efficiency, and speed. In 2011, Target rolled out with a new cart design that enhanced the shopping experience. The new target cart was designed by Boston-based design firm, Continuum. Retiring their metal carts, the new cart weighs about 15–20 lbs. […]

Creating A Strong Brand Identity for Food

As we further ourselves into the realm of design, do you ever catch yourself admiring something so ordinary with an elegant design? The food industry has always been a striving business and has always paired well with design. However, small shop restaurants are picking up the pace and surpassing big names brands with their creative […]

Smile Spreading Socks

Socks are a daily essential but not usually given much thought as part of an outfit. Men’s business apparel is typically a simple ensemble of limited, neutral color. You might be thinking, ¬-that doesn’t have to be the case, that is a choice. Yes, there are some bright colors and patterns in men’s business wear, […]

AirPods: Ruthless Battery Killers

AirPods are an Apple sensation and everybody wants them. Before the creation of the wireless earbuds, the brand’s EarPods was the only choice available. Their design was standard with connected wires and a volume remote. EarPods met all the requirements of normal earbud functions such as listening to music or making phone calls. Why then […]

Weird Water Bag

Design team, Second White, recently released a product design for a new and innovating product. One of a kind, Water Bag 2 makes its way into the world. With a sleek, contemporary, and minimal look, the product design is astounding and captivating. However, as a consumer, I am at loss with the actual purpose of […]