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CVS/Pharmacy Gets a Heart

CVS/Pharmacy has a new heart to greet its customers. Before making the change to multiple storefronts, CVS had a simple cherry red text on the outside of each store. The text was effective and fit with the theme of the business perfectly. When you drove by the sign was easily visible because of the bright […]

Why Target Carts Don’t Suck

Ever given one of those babies a whirl? Target carts are the definition of mobility, efficiency, and speed. In 2011, Target rolled out with a new cart design that enhanced the shopping experience. The new target cart was designed by Boston-based design firm, Continuum. Retiring their metal carts, the new cart weighs about 15–20 lbs. […]

Three Questions to Ask before Rebranding: NSU As a Case Study

This summer, I got to attend a conference session at Norfolk State University in which an NSU marketing team shared the rebranding process they underwent last year. The university went from an outdated logo to a well-thought-out visual identity. The NSU rebranding team shared a few key questions they asked themselves to ensure the final […]