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Beautifying the Streets and Educating Youth with Street Art

Wouldn’t you like to see more public art on the walls? Well the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia does just that. The program was established in 1984—when the crack epidemic was at full peak—as a way to transform troubled youth into productive young adults by introducing them to art making techniques in street art. These […]

Writing on the Walls of New York City: Graffiti Letter Forms of the 70s and 80s

Graffiti started in the 1960s in Philadelphia, but was later adopted by defiant youth in NYC a decade later. Names such as Julio 204, Taki 183, and Topcat 126 plastered the walls of NYC that the streets became a backdrop for subversive artistic expression. Graffiti in NYC was ultimately a product of political despair, underground […]

Spray-painting to the Next Level

While browsing around cool new street art, I came across this page that records most of the street art in Berlin and other European countries. In this page I found an interesting spray artist that took spray-painting to another level. If you happen to walk through this sidewalk, you will not help but notice a […]