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Hi, I’m A Designer and I am NOT A Perfectionist

Through out my education as a graphic design student, I have heard professors and colleagues tell me that “graphic designers need to be perfectionists.” I am the complete opposite of a perfectionist and have no desire to become one. I like messy designs as much as I like looking at clean ones. I consistently fail […]

Si Scott

Si Scott is a talented designer/typographer who creates beautiful graphics in black and white. His work has been published almost everywhere and his skills are flawless. As designers, we are constantly being inspired by other designers and the world around us. We should be looking for inspiration in order to push our limits, build up our […]

Immigration and TYPE

Everyone has their own opinion on immigration, but everyone shares similar appreciation of beautiful art! As a designer I love design that engages and draws the viewer in, and forces them to think on a deeper plane. I recently stumbled on this beautifully hand-drawn typography that reads ” Every Day In Every Way Think Like […]

Is Graphic Design Still Invisible

  On August 30, the Washington Post wrote an article by Jessica Contrera about the new Tysons Galleria sign. The article started, “The letters are clean and smooth, no extra frills or flares, just basic, readable type.” What? When I was younger, you know during B.C. (Before College), I was not aware that graphics design […]

Color and Typography really are Important

This article talks about how there is a direct correlation between typography and color, and how people (the audience) responds to it. The article also explains things about the do’s and do not’s of color and typography when used in a public setting. The first thing people need to learn about is the color wheel […]

Comic Sans (aka: Public Enemy #1, How To Fail In Graphic Design, Oh God That Font, Get That Thing Away From Me, Why Your Design Fails In The First Place, etc.)

Yes, yes… I know for my first examination of horrible fonts, choosing this font to pick on is like shooting fish in a barrel. It goes without saying that in the world of graphic design, Comic Sans is an absolute joke; a complete punchline to the testament of horrible typographic selection and design choices, up […]