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The Iconic Structure of Twitter’s Distorted Text Meme

Twitter is an incredible platform to yell your thoughts into an app that gives you the potential to be seen by millions of users from around the world. It has given us amazing content and one of my favorite categories is the distorted text structures. Where this first originated I’m not sure but it’s an […]

The Good, The Bad, and The Slightly Horrifying

Alright. Don’t get me wrong, University Mall Theater (commonly referred to as UMall) really isn’t a bad place. They’ve got great movie prices and you really can’t find better customer service. However, being a sweetheart and hosting two buck movie nights doesn’t mean you make the best design choices. I guess I’m beating around the […]

Infographic – Increasing access by mobile devices The attached article is an extensive infographic on the state of internet accessed by mobile technology (i.e. cell phones). The article details various facets of internet usage such as what is commonly downloaded, how many videos are viewed per day, types of information people look for, and various consumer behaviors and demographics. Social networking […]