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Why hasn’t left-handedness been removed from the gene pool?

Left vs. right handedness is interesting. You’d think that natural selection would eventually remove left handedness from the gene pool, as most people are right handed, and we live in a world catered to this majority. South Paw boxers, for example. Any right-handed fighter expects to encounter a right-handed opponent, but when a left handed […]

Learning Tools

At the Museum of African Art this past weekend, I came across an item I didn’t think belonged. Yet, here it was: a child’s learning tool. In school, children need tools to learn. Today, it is the computer. Back in American one-room schoolhouses, with scarce paper and pencils, students used individual chalkboards. In mid-19th century […]

Comic Sans (aka: Public Enemy #1, How To Fail In Graphic Design, Oh God That Font, Get That Thing Away From Me, Why Your Design Fails In The First Place, etc.)

Yes, yes… I know for my first examination of horrible fonts, choosing this font to pick on is like shooting fish in a barrel. It goes without saying that in the world of graphic design, Comic Sans is an absolute joke; a complete punchline to the testament of horrible typographic selection and design choices, up […]